SCV Stance Against Hatred & Racism

The Confederate Army was made up of people of all races and creeds. For example, one of the key Cabinet Members and the man called the "Brains of the Confederacy" was Jewish. There were women in high places and with military ranks as high as Captain. Cherokee tribes and others played key rolls in the War between the States as did the Mexican-Americans in the southwest.. (Cherokee General Stan Watie and his men were the last to surrender at the end of the War.) The Confederacy could not have lasted for four years had it not been for the contributions of the African -Americans in the South.  We acknowledge that most of them were in the bonds of slavery, but even so, they made huge contributions to the survival of the Confederacy. We will never understand the relationships between the slaves and their masters.  By today's morals slavery is an abomination and we cannot understand how it could have been such an institution. But for 300+ years in this land it was the way it was. In spite of conditions that we cannot begin to comprehend, slaves and free persons of color  produced the materials of War; raised the food to feed the armies; protected the woman and children at home; and suffered innumerable injustices at the hands of the invading Northerners.  They did not rise up and rebel against those who held them in bondage, even though in some areas they out numbered their masters as much as five to one (more evidence of a relationship we do not understand today).  Free African Americans and some still in bondage (some estimate 90,000) fought along side of their white counterparts, receiving equal pay, unlike the Blacks who fought in the North in segregated companies and for less pay. (The first Union officer killed in battle was shot by a Black sharpshooter!) Furthermore, free Black plantation owners made huge financial contributions to the Cause and supplied valuable goods to the armies.

After the War, Southern Black Confederate Veterans enjoyed the brotherhood and recognition from their white peers.  Through-out the South there are monuments to the valor, loyalty and bravery of the those valued men and women including the Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery.  There are also many articles over the years in the voice of the veterans - The Confederate Veteran, lauding the contributions of their Black comrades, but not all is good news between the races.

Today, unfortunately racism continues to exist in the country.  Our beloved Confederate Symbols have been used by some groups in a way inconsistent with what those symbols mean to us. They are also being demonized by those who would use them for political and financial gain. In this light, the Sons of Confederate Veterans categorically denounces all hate groups and misuse of our Confederate Symbols.  


We members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans denounce the KKK and hate groups, as they have no right to use the honorable flag of our Confederate soldiers which included about 93,000 Blacks.

WHEREAS, the use of the Confederate Battle Flag by extremist political

Groups and individuals who seek to clothe themselves in respectability by

misappropriating the banner under which our southern ancestors fought for a cause which was noble

as much latter day use is ignoble , and

WHEREAS , The Sons Of Confederate Veterans are the true inheritors of legacy

and symbols for which the Confederate Veterans fought and died , and

WHEREAS ,The Sons of Confederate Veterans does denounce the use of the

Confederate Battle Flag and any other Confederate symbol by the Ku Klux

Klan as the desecration of a symbol to which the Ku Klux Klan has no claim , and

WHEREAS ,the misuse of the Confederate Battle Flag by any extremist group

Or individual espousing political extremism and/or racial superiority

degrades the Confederate Battle Flag and maligns the noble purpose of our

ancestors who fought against extreme odds for what they believed was just ,

right , and constitutional , and

WHEREAS ,the misuse of other flags and symbols of the Confederate States of

America and the Confederate States Army , Navy , and Marines is similarly

degrading .

We condemn in the strongest terms possible the use of the Confederate Battle

Flag or any other flag ,symbol ,seal ,title , or name bearing any

relationship whatsoever to the Confederate States of America or the armed

forces of that government by any such extremist group or individual , of

whatever name or designation by which known ,and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED , that the Sons of Confederate Veterans does hereby condemn in the strongest terms

possible the inappropriate uses of the Confederate Battle Flag or any other

flag ,seal, title to name bearing any relationship whatsoever to the Confederate States

of America or to the armed forces of the Government of the Confederate

States of America by individuals or groups of individuals, organized or unorganized , who espouse political extremism or racial superiority.


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