Stiles-Akin Camp #670

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Bartow County, Georgia

Past Confederate Memorials

One of the functions of our Camp is to perform memorial services for Confederate Veterans buried in Bartow County.  Sometimes these are performed at the request of the family of the veteran, and other times they are  taken on as Camp projects to remember a soldier who's grave has been unmarked, neglected or otherwise not remembered in a dignified way. Please contact us for more info.


Augustus Asbury Skinner   Oak Hill Cemetery

James P. Corbin                    Corbin Cemetery

Joseph Webster Knox           Knox Cemetery

Willis Truman Knox                Knox Cemetery

John Benson Knox                 Knox Cemetery

George W. Ponder             Zion Hill Cemetery

James Watson Wheeler   Cassville Cemetery

James Elford Massey     Cassville Cemetery

Edmund Harding  Euharlee Baptist Cemetery

Simon Couch        Euharlee Baptist Cemetery

John H. Couch      Euharlee Baptist Cemetery

James L. Kennedy Euharlee Baptist Cemetery

Joseph J. Kennedy  Euharlee Baptist Cemetery

George H. Kennedy  Euharlee Baptist Cemetery

Thaddeus Clemmons                Hall Station Road

Caleb C. Huffstettler               Bethany Cemetery

Stiles Akin Camp #670

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