Bartow County Historical Markers

38 Names on Monument (Side 2) GHM at Friendship Plaza in downtown Cartersville

4th & 14th A.C. March to Kingston GHM 008-31 Halls Station Road 3.6 miles north of Ga. 293
Allatoona Pass GHM 008-44 On Allatoona Road in Allatoona
**Atlanta Campaign Cassville USDI Pavilion at US 41 and road to Cassville from south
**Barnsley's GHM 008-30 Barnsley Station Rd west of Hall Station Rd, N of Kingston
Bartow County GHM 008-43 Courthouse in Cartersville
**Battle of Allatoona October 5, 1864 GHM 008-6 On Allatoona Road in Allatoona
Battle of Allatoona October 5, 1864 GHM 008-5 Near Marina office in Allatoona
**Confederate Army of Tenn. At Cassville GHM 008-20 US 41 at Willow Lane, Cassville
Confederate Dead GHM 008-39B Cemetery just east of Cassville
Confederate Line 5 P.M. May 19, 1864 GHM 008-23 Mac Johnson Rd east of Cassville at cut through ridge
Confederate Memorial Day GHM 008-39A Railroad Street, Kingston
Corra Harris GHM 008-13 1.7 mi N of Ga. 140 on Mt Pleasant Rd (2.5 mi w of US 411)
Emerson GHM 008-4 At City Hall on 4th Street, Emerson
Etowah and the War GHM 008-47 At the overlook, end of Ga. 20 Spur

**Euharlee Creek Covered Bridge GHS 8-1 at bridge, county road 30, off Ga. 113, Euharlee [3408.571N, 8455.895W]
**Federal Armies at Adairsville GHM 008-28 US 41 at the cemetery in Adairsville
Federal Fort GHM 008-45 US 41 at the north bank of the Etowah River
Felton Home GHM 008-14 US 411 1/2 mile NE of jct w/Ga. 20 at Old Tennessee Road
Friendship Monument GHM 008-51 At the overlook, end of Ga. 20 Spur

Friendship Park Monument [side 1] GHM [no number] at Friendship Park in downtown Cartersville
Gen. Leonidas Polk's Headquarters GHM 008-38 Mac Johnson Rd E of Cassville abt .5 mile N of US 41/411 jct
Gillem's Bridge GHM 008-10 North end of the Etowah River bridge on Hardin Bridge Road
Grave of Gen. William Tatum Wofford GHM 008-40B Cemetery just east of Cassville
**Gravelly Plateau And Two Run Creek GHM 008-19 US 41 at Two Run Creek, just north of Cassville
Hardee's Corps at Kingston GHM 008-37 Ga. 293 at the railroad overpass at Kingston

**Hayes Memorial Park [unnumbered and uncredited] at park , Adairsville
Historic Price House GHM 008-8 On Law Rd, 1.2 miles north of Ga. 293 east of Kingston

Historic Pine Log Methodist Church at Pine Log Rd. (old Ga. 140) and U.S. 411 in northern Bartow County
Historic Trimble House 2 mi. GHM 008-48 Ga. 140 at SW corner of Poplar Springs Rd, just W of I-75
Home of Dr. Francis R. Goulding WPA 411 C-12Ga 293 at eastern edge of Kingston
**Home of Sam P Jones WPA 41 D-8 Cherokee Avenue, Cartersville
**House-Site Thomas V. B. Hargis GHM 008-35 Main Street in Kingston
**Johnston's Army at Adairsville GHM 008-27 US 41 at the cemetery in Adairsville
Kingston Methodist Church GHM 008-49 Main Street in Kingston
Mark Anthony Cooper's Iron Works GHM 008-50 At the old furnace site in park on north bank of river
McPherson's Troops March to Barnsley's GHM 008-29 Halls Station Road at Rock Fence Rd, south of Adairsville
**Milam's Bridge GHM 008-9 East of Euharlee at junction of Euharlee and Milan Bridge Rd
**Mosteller's Mills GHM 008-2 US 41 at the cemetery in Adairsville
Noble Hill Rosenwald School GHM 008-51 2361 Joe Frank Harris Parkway (US 41), Cassville
**Old Macedonia Baptist Church Organized 1847 GHM 008-12A Euharlee and Macedonia Roads, west of Euharlee [3410.453N, 8458.759W]
Original Site Adairsville-1830's GHM 008-1 US 41 just south of Bartow-Gordon County line
Pettit Creek Camp-Site Federal 23rd Corps GHM 008-3 Ga. 293 at Goodyear plant at Pettit Creek, N of Cartersville
Raccoon Creek GHM 008-25 Ga. 113 just east of Stilesboro at Raccoon Creek
**Railroad Block-House GHM 008-7 Ga. 293 at Sandtown Rd just north of Allatoona Lake
**Site of Sam Jones' Tabernacle GHM 008-12B West Main Street at School Avenue, Cartersville
**Site: Cassville Female College GHM 008-21 US 41 at Willow Lane, Cassville
**Site: Cherokee Baptist College GHM 008-22 On Firetower Road off US 41 at Cassville
Spring Bank GHM 008-32 Halls Station Road 1.4 miles north of Ga. 293
Surrender of Confederate Troops May 12, 1865 GHM 008-36 Church Street, Kingston
**The Andrews Raiders at Kingston GHM 008-34 Johnson Street in Kingston [3414.155N, 8456.793W]
The Army of the Cumberland at Stilesboro GHM 008-24 Ga. 113 at Stilesboro
The Federal Army at Kingston GHM 008-33 Ga. 293 at Halls Station Road, Kingston
**Town of Cassville GHM 008-17 Old square in Cassville

**Tribute on Monument (Side 1) In Friendship Plaza in downtown Cartersville
Unknown Confederate Dead GHM 008-40A Cemetery in Kingston
Wooley's Bridge GHM 008-11 Ga. 20 about two miles west of Kingston at Roberson Road


Missing and Removed Markers


Appalachian Valley WPA 3.5 miles south of Cartersville, US 41

Battle of Allatoona GHM 008-41 At the overlook, end of Ga. 20 Spur [removed for repair]

"Bill Arp" GHM 008-16 US 411 5 miles north of Cartersville

Cartersville Mining District WPA 41 D-12 2 miles south of Cartersville, US 41

Etowah WPA 41 D-13 US 41 S of Cartersville at old overlook

Mosteller's Plantation GHM 008-26 Ga. 140 just east of Cedar Creek, 5 mi E of Adairsville

Site Jonathan McDow House GHM 008-18 Old Dixie Highway about 2 miles south of Adairsville

Wayside Home WPA 411 C-13 Near site of home in Kingston, Ga. 293 (old US 411)


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