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Bartow County Confederate History Facts

Cass County became Bartow County after the Battle of Manassas in 1861 in honor of the first Confederate Officer to die in battle - Francis Stebbins Bartow.
Bartow County is the final resting place of 2 Confederate Generals- General P.M.B. Young is buried at Oak Hill and General William Tatum Wofford is buried at Cassville.

One of the first regiments sent to war from Georgia was from Bartow County - The Etowah Guards
Cassville was renamed Manassas after the battle in 1861, but the US Postal Service refused to recognize the name after the War and it reverted back to Cassville
The Great Locomotive Chase went through Bartow County
There are still trenches in the mountains around the County 
The last contingent of Confederate troops east of the Mississippi were surrendered at Kingston by General William Tatum Wofford
The annual Kingston Confederate Memorial Service is the oldest continuous memorial service in the nation.
Kingston became a hospital and supply center because of the rail connections. The first “Wayside Home,” or Confederate hospital, was established here in 1861; more than 10,000 sick and wounded troops passed through it. In 1864, after the Confederate Army retreated, Union troops were attended here.

Stiles Akin Camp #670

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