William A Ashby A, 41st Tenn. died Oct. 23, 1863
P. B. Ashford Gen. John C. Breckinridge's Escort, died on ?
A.M. Barrow, company F, 4th Tennessee, December 6,1863
Sgt. Frances M. Bailey Co. E, 60th N. C., died Oct. 6, 1863.
Captain John W. Bell Co. H, 32nd Ala., died Feb. 14, 1864
John Bennefield Co. B, 39th Ala., died Dec. 21, 1863.
John M Benson Co. A, 40th Georgia, January 21, 1864 
Collyer Berry Co. H, 24th Ga., died Nov. 15, 1863.
Harney A, Berry Co. G, 6th Fla., died 1863 or 1864.
J.W. Black Co. G, 36th Georgia, January 27, 1864
William W. Boatwright Co. A, 10th S. C., died Feb. 8, 1864.
Corporal William E. Bobo Co. K, 41st Ga., died April, 1864.
Aaron J. Boggs Co. I, 28th Alabama infantry Died in november 1863
_______ Bordeaux Co. G 30th Louisiana Died December 9, 1863
Felix Brachin Co. B, 27th Tennessee, November 27, 1863
Abraham B. Bradley Co. D, 60th North Carolina January 4, 1864
Looney H. Bragg Co. A 15th Bn., Miss. Inf., died Dec. 9, 1863.Company A, Hawkin's Sharp Shooters
S.E. Bridges  Co. E, 63rd Virginia, October 2, 1863
Sgt. Calvin Brown Co. F, 65th Ga., died Dec. 9, 1863.
S.G. Brown Co. B, 60th N. C., died Jan. 1864.
W. E. Brown Co. B, 60th N. C., died Jan. 25, 1864.
Robert Bruce Co. F, 2nd S. C. Rifles, died Nov. 1, 1863.
W.W.  Bryan Co. A, 66th Ga., died in 1864.
James R. Bryant Co. H,  66th Ga., died Nov. 9, 1864.
Raymond Burkhalter Co. B, 19th S. C., died Jan. 25, 1864.
Samuel J. Burrel Co. A, 42nd Georgia,January 25, 1864 
James Bullock Co. H, 30th Ala., died at Cassville, Ga.
J.E. Butler Alexander's Battery
John "Jack" Carr Co. C, 26th Bn., Ga. Inf., Born February 7, 1824 died March 13, 1864. Wounded in Battle of Atlanta 
J.W. Carr Co. G, 55th Georgia, December 9, 1863
John P. Carr Co. C, 26th Florida [Georgial March 13, 1864
John Garris Co F, 24th South Carolina December 18, 1863
Travers M. Chandler Co. I, 66th Georgia January 20, 1864
James Clack Co. D, 60th North Carolina November 17, 1863 
Daniel Clowers Co. I, 54th Va., died Oct. 28, 1862
Jacob Clowers Co. I, 54th Va., died Nov. 16, 1863.
J.W.C. Cole Co. B, 56th Georgia, January 19, 1864
John C. Colley Co. K, 7th Texas, died April 2, 1864
Waid H. Collier Co. A, 30th Miss., killed in 1864
James H. Congue Dent's Battery
Jasper Newton Corn Co. G, 65th Ga., died Dec. 9, 1863. born 1826 Died of Disease
J.W. Crash Co G, 47th Georgia, December 12, 1863
William S Crawford  Co. B, 65th Ga., died Nov. 8, 1865. Died in Cassville hospital 
Freeman Crump Co. D, 7th Florida Cavalry January 26, 1864
James Cushenbury Co. I, 6th Ky. Mtd. Rifles, died May 12, 1864
James H. Cunyers  Dent's Confederate Lt. Arty., died Feb. 51 1864.
Jasper Curl Qo. H, 1st Fla. Cav., died Feb. 10, 1864.
T.W. Dalrymple C, 27th Ala., died at Cassville ? July 9, 1864.
J.N. Daughty Co. G, 38th Tenn., died April 6, 1864.
Joseph Davis Co. B, 8th Tennessee Cavalry November 6, 1863
Sgt. Seaborn J Dickson  Co. A, 26th Bn., Ga. Inf., died Dec. 12, 1863.
Berry (D.W.) Dodson Co. F, 54th Va., died Dec. 16, 1863.
W(J).W. Dubose Co. D, 16th Ala., died Dec. 8, 1863.
Sgt. George W. Dekle Co. I, 29th Ga., died April 10, 1864 of pneumonia
W.Frank Dunaway Co. G, 46th Ga., died at Cassville, Ga
Sgt. Marshall Dismukes Co. B, 32nd Tenn., wounded at Cassville, Ga. May 19, 1864, died at ? On May 21, 1864
T.J. Eddingfield Co. A, 26th Battalion Georgia, January 28, 1864
J. Edwards Co. C, 37th Tennessee, December 31,1863
John W. Eidson Co. H, 46th Ga., died Feb. 8, 1864.
William Ellison Co. D, 42nd Ga., died prior to April 7, 1864 Newsome hospital 
John A. Erwin 38th Ala., died Oct. 5, 1863.
Henderson D. Estes Co. E, 58th  N. C.,  died Feb. 4,1864.Appointed Drum Major
James H. Everett Co. A, 32nd Ala., died in 1864.
Corporal James F. Flora(l) Co. C, 63rd Tenn., died Nov. 18, 1865
4th Corporal Tomlinson Fort Co. G, 46th Ga., died Jan. 21, 1864. Musician
J.W. Gabel 9th Battalion Sharp Shooters, Federals
John Garrett Co. H, 38th Al., died Jan. 17, 1864.
Pvt. Samuel Garrett Co. H, 38th Ala., died Jan. 17, 1864.
John Garris Co. E, 24th S. C., died Dec. 15, 1863
J.T. Garrison Co. C, 9th Texas, October 17, 1863.
Roof Gordon Co. A, 54th Virginia, October 28, 1863
Corporal William Strong Gladney Co. D, 5th Miss.Prospect Greys, Born Jan 31, 1822 died March 29, 1864. Wounded near Cassville 
John Graves Co. K, 58th Ala. died Jan. 20, 1864
John Gray company E, 33rd Alabama, March 2, 1864
W.B. Griffin Co. E, 30th Ala., died Feb. 5, 1864.
John Green Co. G, 47th Ga., died March 10, 1864 Newsome Hospital
Harvey H. Gregg Co. E, 58th North Carolina January 20, 1864  Born 1827 Died in the Newsome hospital. 
J.M. Hailey Co. H, 66th Georgoa, February 14, 1864
John T. Hamilton Co. K, 30th Ala., died Jan. 20, 1864
S. Hamilton Co. I, 3rd Florida, February 15, 1864
L.H. Hampton Co. A, 12th Tennessee, October 28,1863
W. Iverson Hancock Co. B, 14th Bn., Ga. Lt. Arty., died March 31, 1863.
Sgt. Richard J. Hardy  Co. G, 43rd Georgia December 16, 1863
Benjamin A. Harrison Co H, 66th Georgia, January 24, 1864
John Hawley Co. A, 8th Mississippi, January 27, 1864
Henry J. Hays(l) Co. B(E), 60th N. C., died Nov. 19, 1863.
James G. Henderson Co. F, 36th Ala., died Oct. 28, 1865.
(S) E. W. Henderson Co. B, 36th Ala., died in 1863
Sgt. Manuel B. Hernandez Co. A, 1st Fla.,died Dec. 12, 1863. 
Lawson T. Herrin Co. K, 65th Ga., died Jan. 27, 1864.
Hugh Legare Hill  Co. A, 63rd Ga., killed May 19, 1864. 
John J. Hill Co. B, 30th Ala., died Feb. 4(25), 1864.
Lewis Hilton 54th Virginia, November 18,1863.
John Anderson Hinton Co. I, 19th S. C., died April 20, 1864 Age 30 Resident of the Abbeville S.C. District 
James Hobbs Co. D, 66th Florida [Georgia], February 3, 1864
Sgt. E. Holland  Co F, 27th Tennessee, October 19, 1863
John Thomas Houghton   Co. G, 46th Ga., died Dec. 15, 1863.
J.A. Houston Co. K, 36th. Ala., died Jan. 30, 1864
Edmund Howard Co. A, 10th S. C., died Jan. 29, 1864, aged 19, Resident of Georgetown District.
James N. Hughes Co. B, 14th Bn., Ga. Lt. Arty., died March 31, 1863.
John C. Hughes Co. G, 1st Tennessee Cavalry January 31, 1864
Joseph Hutch Co. C, 10th South Carolina, February 1, 1864
Henry Hunter Co. D, 1st Fla. Cav., died at Cassville Ga. 
Wilson Jernigan Co. D, 1st Fla. Cav., died Oct. 20 or Nov. 23,1864. 
William Jernigan  Co. F, 41st Miss., killed May 19, 1864
John A. Johnson Co. F, 38th Ala., died in January 25, 1864
W. Johnson Dent's Battery
Wiley Jones Co. D, 66th Ga., died Jan. 10, 1864. Brain fever Mangham Infantry 
John Kemp Co, L, 58th N. C., died Jan. 26, 1864
J. M. King Co. H, 22nd Ala., died Oct. 9, 1863.
John Q. Kirby Co. E, 16th S. C., died Feb. 3, 1864  aged 18. He was a resident of Greenville District
C.H. Knight Co. B, 32nd Miss., died Nov. 6, 1863
James Lawrence Co. F, 30th Tenn., died in 1864? 
Goshen Lee Co. K, 7th Miss., died Dec. 9, 1863.
William H. Leverett Co. F, 24th 5. C., died Jan. 23, 1864
Thaddeus C.Lloyd Co. A, 32nd Ala., died March 5, 1864.
William A. Maddox Co. B, 5th Ky. Mtd. Inf., died at Cassville
Thomas Marion Co. G, 38th Alabama December 12, 1863
Duncan M. Martin Co. F., 4th Fla., died at Cassville, Ga.
J.H. Marsh Co. G, 25th Georgia, December 15, 1863.
William W. Marshall Co. A, 7th Texas, died March 18, 1864.
William J. Matthews Co. E, 10th Texas Cav., died Oct. 20, 1863
Daniel McKeracken Co. F, 32nd Ala., died Jan.27, 1864.
Isaac Moody Co. F, 47th Ga., died March 13, 1864.
Corporal Alfred J. Moore Co. C, 22nd Ala., died in 1864 ?
T.H. Morgan Co, I, 36th Florida [Georgia], March 5, 1864.
W.P. Morgan Co. G, 40th Ga., died March 16, 1864. Died of [nuemonia
H.C. Mullins Co. C, 46th Ga., died Jan. 19, 1864
S.B. Murff Co. F, 5th Miss., died May 17, 1864
William Nelson Co. L, 58th  N. C., died March 29, 1864.
J.D.C. Nixon Co. H, 24th Mississippi, December 13, 1863
John D. Owens Co. F, 30th Alabama, March 15th, 1864
Sanford V. Owen Co. I, 66th Ga., February 1,1864. Newsome Hospital
(Joshua)Isham Padgett  Jr. Co. E, 24th S. C., died Feb. 19, 1864
Pvt James Abner Peace Born Feb 10, 1833 Died January 24, 1864 Co. E, 30th Ala., died at Cassville, Ga.
Andrew Pennington Phelan's Lt. Arty., Ala., died March 18, 1864.
Solomon Pippin Co. H, 4th Florida, October 13, 1863 Born 1842 Died at University Hospital
Charles Wesley Plunckett Jr.  Co. F, 42nd Georgia, January 17, 1864
Joseph F. Polk Co. E, 1st Fla. Cav., died Dec. 20(12), 1864.
James M. Pope Co. K, 22nd Ala., died Jan. 30, 1864.
Wesley Pope Co. C, 51st Ga., died in 1863 or in 1864.
Robert J. Pounds Co. G, 4th Fla., died Feb. 12, 1864.
Thomas Proctor Co. E, 43rd Georgia, January 25,1864
J. E. Powers Co. I, 50th Ala., died Sept. 27, 1863.
J. H. Priest Co. L, 41st Miss., died May 19, 1864.
J. Qustes Co. E, 54th Virginia, November 24, 1863
Jeptha Ramsey Alexander's Battery, no further information shown
Samuel Ratcliff Co. E, 6th Texas, November 17, 1863
William .R. Rayburn Co. H, 38th Ala., died prior to Dec. 9, 1863. Born 1826 Flewellen hospital 
Sgt. William J. Reeves  Co.  K, 23rd Alabama January 27, 1864.
J. Richards Smith's Battery, no further information
Hille Robbins Co. I, 5th Ark., died Nov. 18, 1863.
William A. Robinson Ritter's Lt. Arty., Ga., died April 24, 1864
W.Y. Robertson Co. L, 41st Miss., killed May 19, 1864. 
Gordon H. Roop  Co. A, 54th Va., died Nov. 1, 1863. born 1838  died in Flewellan Hospital
Andrew M. Russell Co. A, 28th Ala., died Dec. 12, 1863.
Pvt. Calvin L. Ryals Co. F, 7th Mississippi  Died April 3rd 1864 born 1833 Died of pnuemonia
Coproral Martin A. Sartin Co. C, 9th Bn., Miss. Sharp Shooters, died May 19, 1864 Born 1836 Killed in battle 
Reubern Savage Co. D, 18th Ga., died Nov. 20, 1863
B.F. Sawyer Co. F, 30th Ala., died Feb. 28, 1864.
Benjamin F. Scott Co. H, 4th Ky. Mtd. Inf., died Jan. 24, 1864.
W.B. Scott Co. F, 27th Tenn., died Oct. 21, 1863.
Ebenezer Self Co. B, 17th Texas Cav., died March, 1864.
2nd Sgt. John M. Sellers Co. F, 11th Bn., Ga. Inf., died Oct. 18, 1863. Died of disease in Univeristy Hospital
J.R. Sills Co. A, 23rd Ala., died March 25, 1864.
James Simmons Anderson's Ga. Lt. Arty., died March 18, 1864
A.L. Smith Co. C, 60th North Carolina, October 16, 1863
J.T. Smith Co. B, 2nd Battalion Georgia, October 15, 1863
W.G. Smith Co. A, 26th Battalion Georgia, December 9, 1863
Charles Snow Co. D, 65th Ga., died Feb. 5, 1864. 
Cpl. R.D. Spivey Co.  L, 154th Tennessee October 12, 1863
James Stark Co. C, 9th Miss., died March 20, 1864.
Felix Steele Phelan's Lt. Arty~, Ala., died April 2, 1864. 
W.J. Suddith Co. G, 60th Alabama, January 19. 1864
Aaron V. Taylor Co. G, 33rd Ala., died at Cassville ? in 1863.?
J.W. Taylor Co. D and K, 7th Texas, died March 18, 1864.
Weistell Taylor Co. E, 58th N. C., died~Jan. 6, 1864.
J.W. Thompson Co. D, 65th Ga., died April 13, 1864.
James B. Thornhill Co. C, 23rd Ala., died Feb. 5, 1864
Green Washington  Trawick   Co. I, 38th Ala., Born 1821 died Feb. 23, 1863. Killed in action
D.W. Toland Co. B, 24th Bn., Tenn. Sharp Shooters, died March 13, 1864.
Sgt. Jaques Townsend Co. B, 7th Fia., died Jan. 26, 1864.
Corporal John Turner  Co. F, 58th N. C., died Nov. 22, 1863.
James B, Tutt Co. K, 7th Texas died March 13, 1864.
J.P. Vandever Co. G, 28th Alabama, March 6, 1864
J.E. Vaughan Co. K, 28th Ala., died Nov. 8, 1863.
Charles Vogg Co. D, 6 Texas Infantry; Private-Corporal
Samuel J Walker Co.B , 2nd Kentucky, October 14,1863
Allen W. Watts Co. F, 44th Ala., died Oct. 7, 1863.
James. Marion Webb Co. F, 24th S. C., died March 4, 1864 at Cassville, Ga. Or at Manassas, Ga. 
Elijah Williams Co. A 6th S. C., died Dec. 4, 1863.
3rd Sgt. S.P. Williams Co. C, 47th Ga., died Dec. 12, 1863. Newsome Hospital 
John F. Wilson Co. E, 3rd Bn., Miss. Inf., died Jan. 11, 1864
Martin Van Butren Wiseman Co. G, 41st Tenn., Born Dec 17, 1832 died March l6, 1864.
John W. Wisher Co. H, 24th S. C., died Feb. 24, 1864. He was a resident of Chester District
S.H. Wood Co. E, 4th Bn., Hilliard's Legion, Ala. Arty., died Oct. 27, 1863
John  W Woodward Co. B, 8th Bn., Ga. Inf., died April 20, 1864.
Known Soldiers 
Warren Akin  Confederate Congressman
Willie Micajah Barrow 4th Regiment Lousiana Volunteers Age 20 Years Died December 14, 1863 in Dalton ga of dysentery 
William Augustus Chunn Born January 7, 1840 Died Oct 21, 1921
3rd Lieutenant Thomas P. Costner Company A 23rd Regiment Killed in Olustee Florida Died of wounds February 21, 1864 
William Marion Cox Born January 1, 1827 Died Feb. 17, 1899 Company A 2nd, Ga State Troops according to wifes pension app
Belton O'Neal Crawford Born january 11, 1827 Died Sept, 2, 1903 Captain Company E Prices Battalion Georgia State Troops 
Pvt William M Duck Born 1826 Died 1864 Co C 2 Regt SC Rifles Inf CSA
Albert Embree, Jr Born 1830 Died May 19, 1864 Captain - Company F - 38th Alabama Infantry 
H M England September 1, 1847 March 21, 1936  Private 1st Regiment, GA Cavalry  I  
John Curtis Fariss Born 1831, Died 1908 Lieutenant Co. I, 4th GA Inf. Bat./ 60th GA Inf. Reg 
William P. Gaines Born Jan 11, 1846 Died Sept 19, 1913 Born Cass County Company “I” of the 1st Ga. Regiment of Cavalry, in the spring of 1863
William McDaniel Galloway Born Aug 2, 1839 Died July 6, 1899 Company F 11th Regiment Gilmer County Mrs. Joe Browns boys
Sgt William M. Gilbert Born June 13, 1826 Died April 1, 1901 Sergeant Company B Roswell Cavalry Battalion Ga Vol. Home Defense 
Rev Irby D Henderson Born October 7, 1845 Died April 19, 1926 Company C 63rd Ga Regiment 
Adam Hill  Georgia State Troops, 1st Regiment Infantry, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Co. I
Zimri W Jackson Born Jan 26, 1824 Died May 20, 1892 helped build CartersvilleCourthouse Co. I 40th Georgia Bartow County Rangers
Pickens Rowland Lewis Born Jun 1, 1838 Died July 22, 1892 Machinist Cassville 1888 Company A 23rd Regiment Bartow Yankee Killers
Captain Alfred M Linn Born 1820 Died 1870 Elected 2nd Lieutenant of Co. I, 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade Georgia State Troops Oct. 5, 1861; Captain, Oct. 11, 1861
Joseph E Lipscomb Born Sept 26, 1847 Died May 18, 1931 Company E 4th South Carolina State Troops W.B Lowe witness
William Judson Lowe Born April 7, 1841 Died July 18, 1877 Phillip’s cavalry, legion and to Col. Rich’s regiment
Winfield Brooks Lowe Born Dec 6, 1847 Died Mar 11, 1928 Mr. Lowe was a veteran of the War Between the States, and was a gallant soldier
James L Luther Born Sept 11, 1832 Died April 5, 1912 Sixth Georgia Cavalry 6th Regiment, Georgia Militia
Littleton B. Manning Born Feb 2, 1843 Died Apr 30, 1926 Co. H 40th Regiment Veach Guards
James Elrod Massey Born 1846 Died 1918 Pvt. Company G, 23rd Regiment Georgia
William Fletcher Mathis Mathews Born March 4, 1842 Died Dec 7, 1927, CV marker
Capt John Fielding Milhollin Born 1831 Died Nov 10, 1863 Captain phillips Legion 
J T Munford Born Jul 8, 1845 Died Oct 21, 1904 1st Regiment, Georgia Cavalry G,I
Benjamin F Pettit Born April 1, 1829 Died Oct 13, 1902 He fought gallantly in the civil war in Lee’s forces in Virginia 3rd/18th South Carolina Infantry
Thomas N. Pittard Born Nov. 28, 1829 Died Sept 11, 1907  Company I 40TH Regiment He was in the confederate army, being first in infantry and afterwards in artillery. 
Samuel Lafayette Pittiard Co. I, 40th Ga. and Turner's Lt. Arty.Transfer to Capt. Smiths Miss. Light Arty Formerly W.B. Turners  Died May 1900
James S Rhodes  Born Jan 1, 1838 Died Nov 6 1922 Co. E 18th South Carolina
Robert Creswell Saxon Died June 17, 1908 Colonael 55th Georgia regiment 
L. A. Scanland Born May 9, 1830 Died Dec 15, 1894 6th Regiment Virginia Cavalry Company K 
Samuel Simpson Born Dec 9, 1812 Died April 27, 1887 Possibly 8th Ga Infantry/Smiths Legion
Robert B. Smith Born Oct 15, 1842 Died July 25, 1916 Soldier postmaster and general store 1888-1889 Cassville
WILLIAM EARLY Teat Born March 26, 1843 Died Sep. 28, 1866 Private in CO A, 46th GA INF, enlisting 5-1-1862
James William Tuck Born Aug. 29, 1829 Company G, "Walton Blues," 42nd Reg., Georgia. Vol. Infantry Died in 1864 in servicee near Dalton KIA
Sanford Venable Born 1834 Died 1912 Company A 8th Georgia Bat. Officer, lost a leg during the war. 
Thomas J. Wells Born May 20, 1832 Died May 11, 1862 Died at Knoxville Tenn Company I 40th, Georgia Bartow Rangers
Pvt James Watson Wheeler Born May 22, 1827 Died Feb 28, 1905 Company C 24th, Georgia infantry CSA 
Captain Alex Winn Died Jul 18, 1864 22nd Tennessee Inf CSA 
General William Tatum Wofford Born Jun 28, 1824 Died May 22, 1884
Richard Worthington Born Sept 17, 1832 Died Feb 17, 1914
Worthington, Richard -- Private in Co. C, 8th Regt. Ga. State Troops, Nov. 28, 1861. Mustered out at Savannah, Ga., May 1862. Enlisted as a private in Co. F
, Inf. Battn., Smith's Legion, Ga. Vols., May 6, 1862. Transferred to Co. D, 65th Regt. Ga. Inf., Mar. 1863. Roll for Aug. 31, 1864, last on file, shows he was in
 hospital. (Born in Edgefield District, S. C., in 1832.)
1st Lt. Thomas J. Verdery  Died December 13, 1862 Reinterred at Cassville Company D 21st Georgia Regiment

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